• “It has totally changed my perspective for what my life should be like, and I am so excited for what is to come.”
  • “It has given me a different outlook on success and how to be successful in life.”
  • “It has made me rethink my career path and realize you don’t have to figure everything out, but to just follow your passions. I also enjoyed learning about Dallas and how leaders are impacting and changing Dallas.”
  • “It has opened my eyes to see so many new things about culture, jobs, leadership, and Dallas. It has shown me effective ways to help the community.”
  • “It inspired me to start right now working towards my dreams.”
  • “It gave me a better view on life and what I want to do with it.”
  • “This week ignited my interest in urban design…”
  • “It helped me realized I want a traditional path and will pursue law, so I signed up to work for a judge starting next week.”


  • “What a privilege for these kids to get to do all that they got to do this week! I can one hundred percent say they learned a whole lot! My boys had so much to tell us each day about the places and people they met and what they had learned!  Thank you for all the work, time and commitment you each had to put in!”
  • “Both my sons participated and enjoyed meeting with political, business and poverty fighting leaders of the city who let them learn about and discuss first hand some of the city’s pending issues.”
  • “I second that!!! The week was such a great eye opener for them – so grateful for all of your work to help them expand their futures!!”
  • “This program not only interested my son, summer before last, but also planted a seed as to his projected path of study.  So, thank you for including him on this.  He really enjoyed all you had to offer.”
  • “Cristin, thank you sooooo much for your investment in all of our teens with the ULI program, not just the planning and to dos I imagine are involved, but also all the heart, prayer and thought that I know you pour into it!!!   The boys learned a ton and it was a great eye opener for them.”
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