The Adventures of an Entrepreneur

Hello Friends! Welcome to our new website. It may seem like an obvious step in this three year journey, but this was a major DIY project and it took me some time. I launched a senior and we got her through the college app process only to be doing it again since she opted for a gap year, of which I am now a big fan. That is one down, but now I have two more to go in the next two years! All the more reason to shift gears so here I am. Because this is a leadership program for youth I want to practice what we’ve learned and what I believe… that anything is possible in today’s marketplace and entrepreneurship is a something everyone should embrace, even in the most traditional job. Why? Because I believe that entrepreneurs are lifelong learners that are always searching out new skills and tackling new challenges, and there is a lot to learn in today’s marketplace! The world is changing so fast and we must stay relevant. Never before has there been so much access to information and technology. There are no limits to what you can do, build, or accomplish right from a home computer, and it was just a short time ago that home computers weren’t even in existence. Now we have them in our hand!

Entrepreneurial projects teach beyond the skill you are learning. I am amazed at what this website project has taught me. I realize how much we live in a 3D interdependent world where everything is connected. Not only did I create a website, but I also learned the value of linking to Facebook (and I am working on fixing the broken link on Instagram where I was hacked), getting followers (yes, you are invited), linking to affiliate material (soon to come), and how to set up mass distribution emails to reach a large audience with one click. And I am sure there are things I haven’t learned and new features that will be introduced tomorrow! I feel like I have just completed a school project, but the great news is that it’s a project I want to do! Don’t worry, there were plenty of school projects I had to slug through that bored me, but getting to do this makes it all worthwhile. You students have a lot of great opportunities that you don’t have to wait for. My encouragement, find something that interests you that is a bit challenging so you feel super accomplished in the end and have a deliverable you care about.

In addition, I just tonight finished a lengthy training to administer the most incredible Career Assessment tool. I believe everyone should take it because it empowers you to forge a path that is authentic to your natural design. And I learned it all on my computer with a group from around the world. Again, from a home computer.

In closing, I am excited to be experiencing the same opportunities that are available today for our students. There are no limitations of intelligence, age, or appearance. There is a level playing field to the endless opportunities that await and I invite you to join the journey with me as I learn, grow and discover how to unlock youth potential in todays culture through the Urban Leadership Institute because that is what I am passionate about! Believing the Best, Cristin

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