About the Founders

Cristin Parker and Christine Sitton are first friends!  Having two children the same age, their lives intersected on a daily basis at the school their children attended.  While co-chairing the book fair and being selected to chaperone both the 7th grade Texas trip and the 8th grade Washington D.C. trip, they discovered their mutual love for learning, young people, and working together.  The Urban Leadership Institute is an inevitable outcome and one they are invested in wholeheartedly.

Cristin Parker

With a passion for seeing students reach their potential and to provide a vision for the future, Cristin has crafted an experience to expose students to the marketplace and engage them in their personal growth and development.  Combining her gifts of networking and equipping to coordinate marketplace leaders and relevant training, she has successfully positioned students to step into their future.  Drawing on her experience as a change management consultant and her role as a mom of three teenagers, she is modeling what is possible when you follow your passion, utilize your strengths, stay true to your authentic personality, and align with your values to create a meaningful opportunity in the marketplace.

“It is thrilling to see students connect the dots, take ownership of their city, and begin to envision the possibilities for themselves.  Many have found a vocational path and continue to talk about the takeaways for years after the program.  I am happy to report that for four years, the program has exceeded the students’ expectations and 100% are glad they participated, many saying it is the most meaningful experience they’ve had for their future.  To me, that is the highest measure of success!”    – Cristin Parker

Christine Sitton

With an infectious personality, Christine has a passion for lifelong learning and a gift for winning others over. As a former science teacher, her motto was touch the heart, open the mind. Engaging people, seeing their treasure, and validating their strengths is her strength. By providing insight and resources, she has helped solve problems and overcome obstacles to make this program a reality while acting as chief encouragement officer every step of the way. With the dream of working for a think tank asking how and why all day long, Christine is a wealth of knowledge and ideas.

“I believe our lives are defined by the people we meet, the places we go, and the books we read.” In the classroom, students have books to glean information. In the field, ULI participants meet people and go places in our great city that will impact their futures. ULI gives young people a tangible method in which to conceptualize their future and ignite their passion in and for Dallas.”     – Christine Sitton


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