The Urban Leadership Institute is a program to provide vision.  By exposing students to multiple sites and spheres in the marketplace, they are introduced to life’s big picture and begin to connect the dots personally for themselves.  No more checking off boxes to pad a resume, they begin to find meaning and purpose in their current opportunities as they visit a wide variety of locations and meet dozens of marketplace leaders.   Pressure is lifted, eyes are opened, and curiosity is peaked as they embrace their journey to adulthood.

For one week in June students meet from 8:30 am- 1:30 pm to explore the marketplace in Dallas.   Introducing them to local businesses, urban missions, civic projects, and government involvement they learn the interdependency between these sectors and how they work together to make our city great.  Hearing the career paths of each of our speakers offers perspective and hope, releasing the pressures of feeling like life has to be decided at age 18.  Additionally, students leave with an understanding of how to engage the marketplace and research options for a career.

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